IO-Flasher PRO– STM8/ISOL is the Isolated version of IO-Flasher PRO– STM8. SWIM connector is galvanic/optical isolated from the target board. Which makes its more robust. IO-FLASHER – STM8/ISOL is capable to program on-chip FLASH, EEPROM and Option Byte memory of STM8 microcontroller. . IO-FLASHER – STM8 is designed to flash the target device in stand alone mode(Without PC) or host controller mode(With PC)

PRO Features of IO-Flasher PRO–STM8/ISOL

Limit Counter

Limit counter can set to stop offline programming after counter reached.

Serial Number Programming

Any serial number can be programmed to target MCU with automatic incrementing.

Password protection

You can protect you programmer with a password to protect it from erase or rewriting. This will also prevent the Limit counter status.

LCD Display

IO-Flasher PRO–STM8/ISOL has interactive OLED LCD Display

Program Menu

It stores all project settings from GUI to work independently without GUI. This Menu shows all settings done from GUI.

In-built Protection

All external port protected with ESD, Short circuit and over current. Isolation is available in Isolated version of IO-FLASHER (e.g. IO-FLASHER -STM8/ISOL)


IO-FLASHER PRO- STM8/ISOL SWIM connector has galvanic and optical isolation from the target board. Which makes its more robust for production line environment.

Regular Features of IO-Flasher PRO–STM8/ISOL

Offline Mode

Stand-alone SWIM programmer (Once set up, Flasher can be controlled without the use of PC program). Programming starts with simply button press.

Standard Programming Connector

Standard 4-Pin SWIM connector compatible with STMicroelectronics STM8 Eval board programming connectors.

Online Mode

Programming can be done directly from IO-FLASHER GUI.

Interactive programming

LCD display Programming status, Number of chips programmed. Error codes and meaning on that error code.

Programmable Power Output

No power supply required, Powered through USB. Target board can be power from IO-FLATHER. Output voltage can be adjusted from 0 Volt to ~5Volt depending on selected target device (up to 200mA to target with overload protection)

Target Power Sensing

If target is self-powered or powered from IO-FLASHER, then it can be measured by the IO-FLASHER.

Programming Options

Have many programming options to program Flash, EEPROM, Option memory with auto lock feature

Dual Mode

While IO-FLASHER is configured as offline mode. Its can be still used in online mode for same or different firmware code.

Supported devices

Support for all STM8 devices STM8S, STM8L , STM8AF, STM8AL


Highly professional GUI with simple and user-friendly interface